Found in Hartsdale of all places. #whereswaldo

Post-ice bucket challenge. That was some gnarly shit.

It must really suck to be my boss right now. #icebucketchallenge #heineken (at Heineken USA)

Underneath the tyranny of August and her sons. (at Jacob Riis Park)

Sometimes, there’s cool shit hanging in the office. #strongbow (at Heineken USA, Inc.)

So the good will never get any rest. #etid


Can’t deliver a pizza in 30 minutes or less when I’m stuck in such gnarly traffic. #tmnt


Spending the evening watching this. #ducktales

This rad burger brought to you by Jackson Hole. I gotta thank my sponsors - Troy Lee Designs, MAVTV, FMF and Dunlop; couldn’t have finished it without them. (at Jackson Hole)

Jackson Hole, I think I love you. (at Jackson Hole)